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Entry #2

CS4 still sucks.

2009-04-17 23:18:22 by TehCybernerd

Watch my movie, and you will understand why flash CS4 SUCKS! My next flash movie will be done in Flash 8... ahhh... good ol' Flash 8 |:D... and... as the reviews have suggested, will contain NO VOICES, FEWER POINTLESS TWEENS, BETTER A/V synching, and of course, NO CS4. Yeah, I'm gonna go get started on it. (Also, if the Vcam in my flash doesn't work it's because YOU need the new Flash Player.)


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2009-04-18 23:20:28

NO IT DONT you just dont know how to use it pm me for tutorials on cs4

TehCybernerd responds:

I don't NEED tutorials, YOU. What I NEED is to go back and use Flash 8. Trust me. the bones are useless, the UI is cramped, and as3 Vcam screws everything up.

Flash is fine at version 8... Adobe cannot improve upon perfection.


2009-04-19 02:54:30

FLASH 8 <3