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CS4 still sucks.

2009-04-17 23:18:22 by TehCybernerd

Watch my movie, and you will understand why flash CS4 SUCKS! My next flash movie will be done in Flash 8... ahhh... good ol' Flash 8 |:D... and... as the reviews have suggested, will contain NO VOICES, FEWER POINTLESS TWEENS, BETTER A/V synching, and of course, NO CS4. Yeah, I'm gonna go get started on it. (Also, if the Vcam in my flash doesn't work it's because YOU need the new Flash Player.)

Hello Newgrounds!

2008-09-05 19:26:38 by TehCybernerd

As FEW of you know, I now have four flash submissions, two of which were for clockday, and hence, hardly count. I'm not trying to be offensive towards clockday, (it's the bestest most craptacular day of the year), but the undeniable truth is, only a handful of the 1000-something flashes actaully get any recognition. I am currently working on a somwhat ambitious stick flash project (not that anyone cares), and it WILL be out sometime this fall. I will inevitably be slowed by schoolwork (yes, I care), but for the sake of my dozens... nay... severals of viewers, I'll get something done, sort of. If you have any thoughts about my (terrible) flashes, here is the place to post them, if you don't feel like rating. If you have any unkind remarks, reasonable disdain, unreasonable malice, racial comments (I'm from China), or potentially helpful critisism, HERE is the place to post them.